Wednesday, 30 November 2016
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Today’s telecoms players are increasingly competing not on price or data speed but the customer experience. By some accounts, the quality of the customer experience is perhaps the biggest factor that will determine whether customers stay or go. If customer-centricity isn't the top priority at your company – if you're not obsessed with winning, serving, and retaining customers, and ensuring they have the best possible experience – then your priorities need straightening out.

That’s why operators have been investing in technologies that ultimately aim to make the customer experience better, as well as to make it easier for operators to effectively manage the customer experience. That’s where customer experience management (CEM) solutions come in – to help operators better understand the actual experience the customer is having, and how to improve it.

There are more and more tools in the operator CEM toolbox to do that, particularly big data analytics, which promises to harness all that customer data telcos are sitting on and provide a detailed understanding of what customers want, what they’re experiencing, and how to bridge the gap between the two. But challenges abound, not the least of them being that data resides across different organization silos that don’t (or can't) share it. Even if they could, many companies aren't sure just what to do with all that data, or how to translate it into ROI. Sometimes it’s not even clear just who is in charge of CEM initiatives.

Telco CEM Asia 2016 will address these issues and provide participants with useful insight into the opportunities of a proper CEM strategy, the technological and organizational challenges, and how CEM can be not only a powerful customer engagement tool, but also a revenue generator in its own right.

Telco CEM Asia 2016 will promote maximum participation, interaction and mind sharing, and giving our delegates a chance for broader engagement and knowledge transfer across the many silos in which CEM reside. The forum will also include case studies featuring expert insight on customer retention, improving employee engagement and delivering a best-in-class network experience.






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​Welcome Remarks by Conference Chairman
Lachlan Colquhoun, Group Editor, TELECOM ASIA



Opening Keynote: The Intelligent Customer Experience: How to Give Them What They Really Want in the Digital and 4G Era

  • How the digital economy is changing your customer relationship and their expectations
  • What new products should be rolled-out to satisfy the growing demands your customer
  • How can these be integrated into the current conversation and what systems will best support the customer lifecycle
  • What is the optimum people plan: How can we attract, retain and keep the right employees to enhance our customer experience?

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Amrish Kacker,  Partner,  Head of APAC, ANALYSYS MASON


Executive Dialogue I: Customer Experience Remodel: Engaging with and Satisfying the Ever-Growing Demands of Your Customer Base

  • “Engagement channels” – how to reach customers in the way they want to be reached, and how to make that experience consistent across all of them?
  • In what ways does this affect current Customer Experience models and KPIs?
  • What has to change? How radical a change is that, and is it realistic?

Moderated by: Amrish Kacker,  Partner,  Head of APAC, ANALYSYS MASON

Zul Azri Ramli, CEM Senior Architect, HUAWEI
Shantanu Mazumdar, Associate Director- Product Management, TATA COMMUNICATIONS
Anila Fredericks, Head of Customer Service Operations, TELSTRA


Networking Afternoon Coffee Break


Amplify CEM Value in Digital Era

Sanjay Saxena, Principle Digital CEM Consultant, HUAWEI


Executive Interview: Enhancing Customer Experience Instantly: Why Your CEM Strategy Needs Real-Time Insights
Jeremy Giles, Cross Company Complaints Program, Global Contact Centre Operations Manager, TELSTRA
Interviewed by: Lachlan Colquhoun, Group Editor, TELECOM ASIA


Executive Dialogue II: Cross-Channel Integration: Creating a Seamless Online & Offline Customer Experience

  • Delivering beyond the customers’ needs requires you to know what they need, and when they need it, allowing you to then engage them at the optimal time. But when the customer journey often starts and ends at different touch points, seamless service delivery is a huge challenge.
  • What are customer expectations in an omni-channel environment?
  • How can you get the required information, to the required people at the required time?
  • Reviewing challenges on moving between online vs. offline experience and how to retain customer happiness and satisfaction

Moderated by: Lachlan Colquhoun, Group Editor, TELECOM ASIA
Jeremy Giles, Cross Company Complaints Program, Global Contact Centre Operations Manager, TELSTRA
Chris Williams, Director, Technical and Regulatory, VIEWQWEST


End of Conference

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Huawei International Pte Ltd

Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. We help to support the technology and business needs of fixed and mobile network operators, enterprises and consumers worldwide.
Driven by responsible operations, ongoing innovation, and open collaboration, we have established a portfolio of competitive of end-to-end ICT solutions which are used in more than 170 countries and regions. Each day, around 40 percent of the world’s population use Huawei technology to communicate, to learn and to grow.
With more than 176,000 employees, almost 80,000 of which are dedicated to research and development, Huawei is committed to enabling the future information society and building a Better Connected World.
We are actively enabling customers to adapt to cloud computing and helping them to embrace the opportunities and social and economic benefits of ever faster digital connectivity as well as emerging technologies such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and big data.



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